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Submitting a Christmas themed article allows you to promote your product or organization at no cost to you. Think about how much you would pay to have the same type of ad show up in any other website

By submitting an article as well as your 320×125 pixel banner, we will review your content and links to determine where it should be placed in Major themes include Christmas Stories, Christmas Lore, Christmas WorldwideChristmas Recipes, Christmas Decorating, and Holiday Event Ideas. Feel free to create any sub-themes that may fit into any of these main categories.

For example, say you are a non-profit organization that provides a service to senior citizens, or needy children. If you have an annual holiday event that benefits your organization, submit an article about it. That would be perfect to fall within a Holiday Event theme.

Perhaps you are a company that provides Automotive products. An article on holiday travel tips may also fall into an events theme or perhaps your article relates to a holiday travel story.

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You may submit an article of any length, but keep the reader in mind. 400 to 500 words is about right.

The article must be your own an authored by you or the organization which you legally represent,  and not infringe upon any copyright laws of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or the country from which you are submitting. We have ways of checking you know – and you don’t want to end up on Mr. Claus’ BAD list!

Banner ads must be tasteful. Use them to promote your company or your designated charity in a way that will invite people to your site.

The banner will be placed at the bottom of your article where visitors are more inclined to click on it when they are finished reading.

Banner can be no larger than 320 pixels in width and 125 pixels in height.

Links from the banner must not go to any site of questionable content (pornography, hate, etc.).

Banners may not be affiliate banners, however, it may link to a website that uses affiliate ads and links.

The easiest way submit your banner is to post it somewhere on the web either in its own web page, or in a web directory.  On the submission form, just tell us where it is (i.e. or the webpage we can pull it from). You will also be able to tell us the link and ‘alt’ information in your submission form.

You may also include a by-line, with an additional text link to your company or organization. The byline and link will go at the top of the article

Articles submitted will be used at the discretion of Once posted, they can reside on the site for at least one year. will Optimize the webpage that the article resides on to focus on your theme to achieve high search engine results.

By Submitting your holiday-themed articles to, you acknowledge that may use the article anywhere in the website for use by Your banner ad and by-line credit will always accompany the article, even if a portion of the article is used.

Please Read the Authors Agreement

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